Optional Item

Deluxe type MDG2200 ĘC MDG6000: Item A B C D E; 
Silent type MDG3600S ĘC MDG6000S: Item A B C D.

A. Start type:

    Hand start is standard for economy & deluxe type diesel generator.
    Electric start with battery is standard for silent type deisel generator.


          Electric start without battery for
          economy & deluxe diesel generator.


      ATS - start generator automatically 
      when the residential power stops.


Preheater device  - start generator in the cold weather, the lowest working  temperature is 20 degree below zero.


Remote controller  - start generator far  from 200 meters without any obstacles.

B. Batter type: 


                         Maintenance-free battery


                                    Acid battery

C. Alternaotr type:


                       AVR alternator as standard


                     Brushless alternator as choice

D. Panel type:


            British control panel 


              German control panel 


            Three phase control panel


          Australian control panel


             Panel with hour meter 


                  USA control panel


         Standard control panel


                       Hour timer 


                Emergency stop switch


           South Africa socket   


                    3-plug socket


                   French socket

E. Frame type for deluxe type generator:


      Economy type generator (C)  


         Deluxe type generator (CL) 


                Tube frame pipe


           Frame with 4 wheels


    Frame with armrest and 2 wheels


            Standard frame pipe

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